Doriataenopsis Sogo Gotris


Doriatenopsis Sogo Gotris

>  multi-spikes
> blooms very small
> forms basal kekiks easily
> art shade color

multifloral phalaenopsis orchid
flower close-up


Doriataenopsis Sogo Gotris
is a a compact growing multiforal phalaenopsis hybrid.  Expect several proportionate flowering spikes with miniature art-shade blooms!

 A plant in a 3.5″ inch pot, as shown, can produce  two spikes with 12 to 15 flowers.

This particular plants consists of two growths--fairly typical of some species, such as phalaenopsis equestris, used in this kind of breeding that produce basal keikis. Eventually, you can will get several growths in a pot with this type of breeding that will produce a 'boquet' of flowers on mature plants.The  waxy flowers, also tend to be very long-lasting and the plants will be in bloom for months!

These orchids do not need any special care, but  since they tend to need smaller pots, you have to be careful that they don't dry out. They tend to bloom from fall through spring.







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