Flowering your Moth Orchid

peloric phalaenopsis


Today's hybrids are vigorous, producing large flowers or huge number of smaller flowers(known as multifloral phalaenopsis) in a wide range of colors. Many orchid hobbyists build entire collections of this one type of orchid, never tiring of their diversity. There has also been an unprecedented boom in phalaenopsis breeding in the past few years, especially in Tawian. As a result new color combinations and more floriferous plants are becoming available all the time.

Emerging Flower Spikes
Once a flower spike emerges it will take a month or two to mature. Stake this spike gently as it grows to ensure that the spike gets some height before it produces buds. Continue to give plants bright light.
Also do not change the orchid plant's orientation to the light once the first buds can be seen as this will cause them to twist about and spoil the otherwise prefect symmetrical display. Buds will eventually emerge along the  spike, and open in succession.  
Do not
subject moth orchids to sudden temperature changes as this may cause buds to drop. Make especially sure plants do not dry out, as this may also cause bud blast. 

Phalaenopsis in flower
This hybrid has three spikes blooming at once! While the reasons for this are often genetic, the plant still has to be large and healthy to be able to do this. Phals with two spikes are far more common.

Moth orchids are especially susceptible to small amounts of gas often leaking from heating units etc. in the home. This can cause the flowers to wilt and buds to drop suddenly. Basically if your plants are setting buds, do not fuss with them, other than keeping them well watered. When 3/4 of the buds have opened, you can move the plants elsewhere to enjoy the display. Flowers can last for up to three months. Once the flowering display is finished, cut off the spike about an inch from the base of the plant(see our guide on what to do once your phalaenopsis has flowered).







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