Phalaenopsis Orchids in Flower Every Day

Phal Newberry Parfait 'Picotee'
Phal NewBerry Parfait 'Picotee'


(Right) Dtps. Queen Beer 'Red Sky' is a superb example of a doritis hybrid that will usually bloom in early summer. Note the upright spikes and magenta flowers.


A small collection of half a dozen phalaenopsis can easily ensure that you have an orchid in flower every day of the year! Find out how...

Most orchids are seasonal bloomers and phalaenopsis are
no exception. The secret is to remember that most phals will bloom at the same time every year. If you buy a moth orchid in bloom during the fall, it will probably bloom again the following fall, give or take a few weeks.

Dtps Quuen Beer Red Sky

The heaviest flowering season for phals, is fall through spring. So its quite easy to buy two to three plants over this period that are IN BLOOM from September through April. That should easily provide you with about seven months of blooms!

Increasingly, though, you will find phalaenopsis orchids in bloom year 'round, even during the summer when many orchids are busy growing, rather than flowering. Often you will find yellow flowered phals blooming during the summer. These often have star shaped flowers with brown or red striping and are waxy in substance. They look a look a little different than typical phalaenopsis hybrids and so add variety  to a collection.

During the summer Doritis pulcherimma is in full force, with tall spray of small, but startling magenta, flowers. Doritis plucherimma is very closely related to phalaenopsis and used to make hybrids named doritaenopsis(abbreviated as Dtps) that often bloom in the summer. Not all Doritaenopsis will have small magenta flowers and bloom in the summer as some of them have only a little doritis in them.












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