Seasonal Phalenopsis Orchid Care

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Phalaenopsis Care through the Seasons
Phalaenopsis orchids tend to grow year 'round in their native habitats, though there are a few species that are deciduous and will lose their leaves over 'winter'.  

Phalaenopsis generally enjoy less variable conditions in their native habitats. In northern climates, however, we have four distinct seasons that will dictate how we treat our phalaenopsis orchid plants in order for them to thrive with the least amount of seasonal disturbance. As you'll see, we can  take advantage of these seasonal condition to the benefit of our plants.

This information here does not replace the basic growing care described in detail on this website, it just provides additional seasonal care information so you can adjust your cultural practices accordingly.  

Remeber that today's hybrid phalenopsis orchids are vigorous and bred to grow and bloom at different times throughout the year. Individual plants may be exceptions to the general seasonal care described here.








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