Summer Phalaenopsis Care


Phalaenopsis Baldan's KaleidoscopeBaldan's Kaleidoscope  is a famous 'candy striped' phalaenopsis orchid
that was bred in the United States. 
It is very
 popular and easy to grow. With good care, this orchid can grow into a specimen plant with several spikes and huge numbers of

Blooms and flower spikes
Most spring bloomers are done, but a constant supply of hybrids means that blooming phals are always available. However, it is in summer that Phal violacea and many of its scented hybrids, flower! Many other species with starry shaped blooms, held on shorter horizontal stems bloom now too.  

  If your plant is near finished blooming or only has a few flowers left, we suggest you remove the flower spike completely now so that the plant can put all its energy into producing new growths(and flowering spikes!) in the fall.

If you plant is finished blooming, now would still be a good time to repot it, if the mix is more than 12 months old. See our phalaenopsis repotting guide.

Changes in Day Length and Temperature
Days are warmer, longer and brighter. Be sure to move your phals back from the windows a bit, to avoid sun burn on the leaves. Water enough to keep your plants moist-do not let your phals dry out completely. Make sure your plants have plenty of fresh air, and during hot humid days, air circulation day and night becomes very important. Also be sure to water your phals early in the day so they are dry by nightfall.

Feeding your plants
Increase feeding to two to three as month always at half strength. A general orchid food is best as you want your plant to grow as many leaves and roots as possible to ensure lots of flowers in the fall.







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