Why Won't my Moth Orchid Bloom? The Top Three Reasons

multifloral phalaenopsis: equestris hybrid
Phalenopsis equestris hybrid









What to do if Your Phalaenopis Won't Bloom
First, your phalaenopsis plant must be healthy to bloom. green, Your plant should gnerally have three to five turgid leaves. The most recent mature leaf should be larger thna the previous one. Roots should be thick and firm, whether in the potting mix or sticking up in the air. If you don't have a healthy plant, don't expect it to flower! If you're not getting blooms AND your plants are healthy, there are several reasons why it may not be blooming. Below are the top three reasons your phal won't flowe:

While a  bright northern exposure may be sufficent to get a few blooms, an eastern exposure, shaded western or  shady southern expsoure should provide more than enough ligh tot bloom phalenopsis, which need far less light than most other orchids. 
If your window is heavily shaded by trees or adjacent buildings, this will reduce light to your plants and you will have to make adjustments accordingly.   Find out more about light requirements for phalaenopsis orchids  

If your plants are not getting enough light move them closer to the window. Even a foot can make a huge difference as light falls off very rapidly within increasing distance from a window. 

orchids are epiphytes--basically this means that they grow on other trees and they get all their nutrients from rain and debris that lodges among their roots. Most cultivated phals are grownin bark or sphagnum moss, which have virtually no nutreints.  Without extra plant food or fertilizers, your moth orchids will not grow or bloom well. The secret is to fertilize your plants regularly using a WEAK fertilizer or plant-food solution. Find out more about how to fertilize your orchids.

#3 COOLER NIGHTS.   Most orchids like a difference between day and night temperatures of about 8 to 10 degrees year 'round. With phals a night time drop in temerature in the fall (or spring, depending on when your plant blooms) is needed to initate the flower spike. Place your moth orchids next to a window that is cracked at night to let in a little cool air so that night temperatures are around 55 degrees. You can also put your plant in an unheated room at night. Do this for about 3 to 4 weeks and you should begin to see flower stalks emerging from between the leaves near the base of the plant!   Make sure your plants are not in a cold draft, or protect them with a light curtain. Remember that day temperatures need to be about ten degrees higher.







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