Winter Phalaenopsis  Care

Dtps Little Gem
Dtps Little Gem Stripes 'Stars' is a prolific bloomer in the spring!

Winter in the northern hemisphere, means cool nights and short days. For spiking or blooming plants, ideal temeratures are from 60-65 degrees at night to 70-75 during the day. Many phalaenopsis orchids will be in flower now or be setting buds for spring blooming.

Continue to keep your plants moist but unless they are under lights, or in a very dry warm environment, they are likely to need less frequent watering. It is especially important that plant leaves are dry by nightfall and that there is no water sitting in the leaf crevices. Good air circulation especially during cooler nights remains important.

One of the biggest issues during winter is dry air. Grouping plants or using humidity trays can help. See out page on humidity needs.

Maintain feeding at about once a month always at half strength. Continue with a blossom booster if your plant is spiking or still producing buds.







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