Phalaenopsis moth orchid care


Yes, you Can Grow Phalaenopsis at Home!
Phalaenopsis orchids are well suited to our homes because they generally like the same conditions we do. This makes them an excellent choice for the first time orchid grower, as they do not need any special grow rooms, nor do they need to be grown in a greenhouse. There are many species that like it cooler, or have more exacting needs, but these are unlikely to be grown by most hobbyists.

Phalaenopsis, like all orchids have particular needs. We, of course, have to consider several factors as we do with all exotic plants that we wish to grow. These are:
light, temperature, humidity, watering, fertilizing and potting. All of these are discussed in detail on this website:   

What type of light and temperatures do Phalaenopsis need?

How Do I Water My Phalaenopsis?

How Much Humidiity is Enough?

Should I Feed my Phalaenopsis Orchids?

When, and How do I Repot My Moth Orchids?








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